Importance of Computer Science and Engineering for the development and progress of society, and the need for specialists in this field has become obvious in our daily life. The University acknowledges this importance and has therefore introduced Department of Computer Science & Engineering by giving all academic, financial and administrative support to the department.

Academic Activities

Currently the Department offers Bachelor of Science (Engg.) program at undergraduate level and is looking forward to offer Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program at graduate level. Besides, CSE Department is offering General Education Courses in Computer Science to the students enrolled in other bachelor programs at the University.

Program Offered

B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science and Engineering (2014 Syllabus) 

CSE-2013 Syllabus

CSE-2010 Syllabus

Department Notices

Latest News Related to Dept. of CSE

Leading University Launches Cisco Academy to Provide Information and Communications Technology Education for Students

Leading University  is teaming with Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate, to provide information and communications technology (ICT) education and help students prepare for entry-level career opportunities. Cisco Networking Academy teaches students how to design, build, secure, and troubleshoot computer networks, enabling students to develop the skills […]


Success of LU CSE girls in NGPC-2017

When it comes to programming, Leading University’s CSE girls are nothing less than the boys. On 9th May 2017, two team of girls named LU_Dangling_Pointers & LU_Neophyte from CSE department participated in National Girl’s Programming Contest (NGPC) in Daffodil International University. Members of LU_Dangling_Pointers was Anika Tahsin, Ayesha Labiba & Aysha Akter and members of LU_Neophyte was Karimun […]


CSE: Runner Up: Digital Innovation Fair-2017: Sylhet Division

A two day long fair organized by Sylhet DC office under the a2i project (Access to Information, Prime Minister’s Office) was held from 04 & 05 March 2017 at Mohammad Ali Gymnasium. Total of 09 teams form all public and private universities of Sylhet Division attended a program called “Solve A Thon”. Three teams from […]