Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

(4 Year Honors Degree Programme)


The Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management program aims at building a student’s ability in intellectual and practical field of tourism and hospitality professionals. This program also provides extensive technical and managerial skills in the field of business and tourism industry. The main objective of this program is to provide skilled and efficient executive to serve Bangladesh tourism and hospitality industry as well as international market like UK, Europe.

BTHM of LU overview:

Four years of bachelor program is designed with 132 credits where we involve industry expert from different hospitality sectors to input their valuable experience with our students which will aid them to cope up with current trends and practices of tourism and hospitality sector. The whole program is designed focusing on two parts theoretical and practical, where we link theoretical to practical to develop student’s skills in both field parallel.

Industry Affiliation:

We have affiliation with different tourism and hospitality organization all over the Bangladesh as well as outside the border. Our students take part of various on the job training program in those organizations where few of them have already professional attachment with them as a part time employee. The world famous master chef Mr. Tommy Miah moderated live sessions with our students for Food and Beverage production.

Student’s BTHM:

The students of BTHM of Leading University come from different educational background with individual interest and skills. Our students take part in arranging and participating in lots of club activities, seminars organized by industry specialist. They all have a common hobby of tours and traveling. The Leading University only choose those students who have keen interest in building career in tourism and hospitality sectors, that’s why we call them a flock of travelers.