Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

(4 Year Honors Degree Programme)

About Us:

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, a professional program in its own identity, was solidified as an international academic discipline in 1840s. The modern idea of tourism and hospitality management was influenced by the medieval period of 12th and 17th century during the industrial revolution. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However still it lacks qualified human resources to handle the increasing influx of visitors. Therefore, this program has been designed to suit high demand of tourism professionals to provide quality services in the sector.

Tourism and hospitality management holds a central place in official, academic and popular discourses in the world. As such, a comprehensive and representative understanding of the role and significance of tourism and hospitality management continues to be a major gap particularly in the context of developing countries. The need for such capabilities for tourism and hospitality management practitioners in the developing countries can best be imparted through this well packaged program of Leading University.

The Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management program aims at building a student’s ability in intellectual and practical fields of tourism and hospitality professionals. This program also provides extensive technical and managerial skills in the field of business and tourism industry. The main objective of this program is to provide skilled and efficient executives to serve tourism and hospitality industry of Bangladesh as well as international market, especially Europe.

Duration of program:

4 years of bachelor program is designed with 132 credits where we engage industry experts from different tourism and hospitality sectors to share their valuable experience with our students which aid them to cope up with current trends and practices of tourism and hospitality sector. The whole program is designed focusing on theoretical and practical parts to develop students’ skills in both the fields’ parallel.

This program is spread over two semesters in a year where a semester consists of 24 weeks duration with 30 to 36 (thirty to thirty six) credits in total.

Entry Requirements:

Admission requirements for Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (BTHM) Program:

  1. Minimum GPA 2.50 both in S. S. C. and H. S. C. or GPA 6.00 for both examinations in aggregate and not less than 2.50 in any of S. C. and H. S. C or same in Bangladesh. ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level students: 5 subjects in O level and 2 subjects in A level where grade B in at least 4 subjects and grade C in remaining subjects.
  2. For the children of freedom fighters aggregate CGPA of S.S.C and H.S.C or equivalent examinations are 5.
  3. Credit transfer is also allowed from recognized accredited institutes.

Course Organization

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management Program consists of total 132 credits where all the courses are divided into five categories.

Categories No. of Courses Credits Total
GED Courses 06 03 18
Core Courses 21 03 63
Specialization on Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses 15 03 45
Viva-Voce each year ending contains 4*0.75 (Credits) 4×0.75 (Credits) 03
Internship Program at the end of the 4th year for 60 working days 03 03
Total 132

Specialization on Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses:

Course Code             Title of the Courses

THM-122                  Fundamentals of Tourism and Hospitality Management

THM-215                  Food and Beverage Service

THM-123                  Food and Beverage Production

THM-314                  Front Office Management System

THM-223                 Housekeeping Management

THM-324                 Heritage and Eco-Tourism Management

THM-322                 Tourism Promotional Management

THM-311                  Community and Cultural Issues in Tourism

THM-421                 Tourism and Hospitality Planning and Development

THM-413                 Travel Agency Measurement

THM-415                  Event and Risk Management

THM-424                 Managing Tour Operation

THM-412                  Tour Guiding

THM-422                  E- Tourism

THM-423                  Service Marketing

Industry Affiliation:

We have affiliation with different tourism and hospitality organizations all over the Bangladesh as well as abroad. Our students take part in various job training program in those organizations: where few of them have already professional attachment with them as a part time employee. The world famous master chef Mr. Tommy Miah moderated live sessions with our students for food and beverage production.

Students of BTHM:

The students of BTHM of Leading University come from different educational background with individual interests and skills. Our students take part in arranging and participating lots of club activities as well as seminars which are organized by industry specialists. They all have a common interest in tours and travelling. The Leading University only choose those students, for this degree, who have keen interest in building career in tourism and hospitality sectors and this is the reason we call them a flock of travellers.

Students has their own organized club named “Leading University Tourist Club – LUTC”, a community where tourism students and leaders can maintain a proactive network and also can help each other to develop a better platform for themselves.

Career Prospects for Tourism and Hospitality graduates:

After successfully completing this program, students will find themselves confident enough to choose several paths to apply everything they have learnt. There are various sectors where any skilled graduates can work for the tourism and hospitality industry.

i) Hotel/Resort/Motel; Front Office department, Food and Beverage service department, Chef, Housekeeping                  department.

  1. Management Trainee
  2. Food and Beverage Service Attendant
  3. Food Production Associate
  4. Front Desk Executive (GSA/GRO)
  5. Receptionist
  6. Room Attendant
  7. Communication Service Agent (CSA)
  8. Reservation Sales Agent (RSA)
  9. Concierge
  10. Bell Attendant
  11. Sales and Marketing Executive
  12. Inventory Associate
  13. Health and Fitness Associate
  14. Chef

ii) Customer service

iii) Restaurants

2) Job opportunities in Tourism industry

i)  Travel Agency

ii) Tour Operation

iii) Tour Guide

iv) Cruise

  1. Food and Beverage Service Attendant
  2. Food Production Associate
  3. Front Desk Executive
  4. Room Attendant

v) Airlines

  1. Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant
  2. Ticketing Executive
  3. Sales and Marketing Executive
  4. Ground Handling Executive
  5. Airport Station Associate

vi) Event Management

  1. Executive Staff Assistant
  2. Office Associate
  3. Sales and Marketing Executive

3) Job opportunities in local and multinational companies

i. Private companies

ii. Multinational companies

iii. Bank

iv. Telecommunication

4) Job opportunities in government jobs.

i. All jobs through Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) and other government, semi government organizations.




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