Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Overview of the Department:

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was established in 2010. It started the undergraduate program in the Fall semester in 2010. In the sequel of continuous development, the department has set up some sophisticated laboratories of vigorous technology. In addition to the fruity teaching environment of experienced teachers from national and international universities, the department is committed to offer high standard education and research facilities of modern engineering technology. We believe in serving quality education to the students so that they become mature, smart in engineering and skilled to compete in acquiring jobs after their graduation from this department. At present the department has a large alumni network serving in the reputed industry and academy at home and abroad.


The department of EEE in LU is committed to be a world-class center of excellence for producing professional engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders to promote state of the art innovations and sustainable developments within the domain of electrical and electronic engineering.


  1. To produce skilled engineers in every single field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering by fostering high-quality outcome-based education.
  2. To build an excellent platform for research and development by cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost in collaboration with academia and industry.
  3. To develop technology and technologists in the field of Electrical Engineering possessing rigid academic dignity, high moral values and adaptable professional attitude.
  4. To enhance the academic and administrative efficiency of the esteemed faculties and ensure the updated academic curriculum by complying with national and international requisites.
  5. To facilitate the foundation of a strong tertiary level education in Sylhet for acquiring future postgraduate degrees from home and abroad.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Major in:

i) Power
ii) Electronics
iii) Communication
iv) Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
v) Computer


  1. BSc in EEE_Syll-1 (Fall-2010 to Fall-2012 intake)
  2. BSc in EEE-Syll-2 (SP-2013 to Fall-2015 intake)
  3. BSc in EEE_Syll-3 (SP-2016 to Fall-2021 intake)
  4. BSc in EEE_Syll-4 (SP-2022 to present intake)

Admission Requirements:

For the B.Sc. in EEE program, the following admission requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Under National Curriculum of Bangladesh: Minimum Second Division or GPA 2.5 or equivalent grade at each of the S.S.C and H.S.C in Science group with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or other equivalent public examinations. But in case of GPA 2.0 in any of the above mentioned examinations, the aggregate GPA must be minimum 6.0. For the children of a Freedom Fighter, the minimum score of GPA ‘5.0’ must be secured aggregately in S.S.C and H.S.C or any other public examinations.
  2. Under British Educational Curriculum: For ‘O’ level examination 5 subjects and for ‘A’ level examination 2 subjects must be passed respectively from which at least ‘B’ grade or GPA ‘4’ must be obtained in 4 courses and ‘C’ grade or GPA ‘3.5’ must be obtained in the remaining three subjects out of total 7 courses in both the levels.
  3. Technical Education Curriculum: Minimum GPA 2.5 in polytechnic diploma in any trades or equivalent degree approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

Tuition Fee:

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Scholarship & Financial Aid:

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Md. Moksidul Kabir Shuvo
Lab Assistant
Department of EEE
Tel Office: 01313084499
Cell: 01744221348

Contact us:

Admission helpline

PABX: 01313 084499 Ext. 170, 171

Mobile: 01976 871188, 01755 841864


Facebook Chat link: please click here for messenger chat directly.

Department office

PABX: 01313 084499 Ext. 200 201

Mobile: 01303 282181


Facebook Chat link: click here for messenger chat directly.


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