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The Department of Civil Engineering is the first department in this field in Sylhet among all private universities. It was established in 2008. The department offers four year undergraduate program leading to B.Sc. in Civil Engineering degree. At present we have six batches and 200 students. The Department offers 60 undergraduate courses to the respective students. There are 9 full time faculty members dedicated in teaching the students of this department as well as the students of other departments of LU. We also employ highly experienced teachers and professional experts from other Universities, Colleges and Firms. We care for our students and our teachers are highly professionals. Most of our teachers have foreign degrees. Department offices, lecture halls and most of the labs are housed in the School of Engineering floor of the campus.

Civil Engineering Career Overview

Civil engineers are involved in monitoring and guiding as well as devising and designing the building of roads, girders, bridges, airports, harbours, tunnels, dams, water & sewage systems, buildings and other structures. Civil engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering and contains a variety of specialties like structural, water related, environmental, transportation and geo-technical engineering.  Civil engineers are responsible for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the required scale, and maintenance of the product. Civil engineers require not only a high standard of engineering knowledge but also supervisory and administrative skills. Administrative or supervisory jobs are held by many civil engineers while others work in devising, composing, constructing, researching and teaching jobs. The period through 2015 is projected to hold growth and potential for civil engineers. Due to the growth of population and the need for better infrastructural as well as planning, civil engineers will be required to build and design larger and safer buildings, complexes, transport facilities, as well as more durable water supply, sewage and pollution control mechanisms. Controlling environmental pollution, managing traffic congestion, improving road safety, and disaster management will be a big challenge. Repairing existing roads, dams and other public conveniences will also be a major work allotment.

Prospective Students

We offer four year undergraduate program leading to B.Sc. in Civil Engineering degree. The undergraduate curriculum at this department is based on Course System. The total academic calendar is segmented in to four years and twelve semesters, where three semesters make a year.

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Services (RTCG)

We are planning to develop testing and consultancy services. The services will be provided by Research Testing and Consultancy Group (RTCG), Sylhet. These consultancies will be run under four divisional supervision. They are: Environmental Engineering, Structural  Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. A number of testing of different construction materials will be carried out here under the above divisional supervision. We have well-equipped laboratories, facilities and expertise for detailed testing, analysis for better engineering solutions.

aterial that will be tested here are: Aggregate, Bricks, Bitumen, Cement, Cement Concrete, Gauges, R.C.C Pipes, Steel, Soil, Geotextile, Rubber/Plustic/PVC materials, Water ( Drinking water, Agriculture use, Pollution Study, Miscellaneous parameters), Environment Quality of soil.

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Department of Civil Engineering
School of Engineering
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Ragib Nagar, South Surma, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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