Mohammad Zahed Hossain

Mohammad Zahed Hossain

Assistant Professor
(Finance & Banking)
Business Administration

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Financial Management

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Corporate Finance

Islamic Banking


Predicate Offences of Money Laundering and Anti-Money Laundering Practices in Bangladesh among South Asian Countries.

The purpose of the study is to identify the main reasons of money laundering in Bangladesh among the twenty seven predicate offences of money laundering prescribed by Bangladesh Bank and position of Bangladesh among South Asian Countries regarding anti-money laundering practices. Besides, an anti-money laundering model has been developed to combat against money laundering as […]


Impediments of Investment and Impact of Monetary Policy to Drive Investment for Economic Growth in Bangladesh

Abstract—Economy of Bangladesh seems out of the wood with some favorable macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators such as, Moody’s rating of Ba3 (stable outlook) for last six consecutive years, Fitch ratings of BB-(stable outlook) for second time, stable foreign exchange rate, sufficient foreign exchange reserve, low cost external borrowing, surplus in balance of payment, low fuel […]


Antecedents of E-Banking Services by Customers for the Selected Commercial Banks in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

This study is conducted to identify customers view regarding cost effectiveness, time savings and security of different types of e-banking products like online banking, ATM banking, internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking. E-banking is the alternative delivery channels that banks adopted for providing efficient banking services through the help of internet, computers, mobile phone […]