Capturing Market Share and Creating Brand Image: The Scenario of Mobile Phone Sets Industry in Bangladesh

In this present day none can imagine a single movement without a mobile phone. The world is becoming a mobile phone circled world. In Bangladesh the mobile hand set market is highly potential like any other country. In this study the main focus point is to capture a mobile phone set market and making a new brand image by a new company who wants to enter into Bangladeshi mobile phone set industry. This study has analyzed the current and future customers of mobile phone sets in Bangladesh. In this report researchers are also describing the mains key points to capture mobile phone set market in Bangladesh. In this report the SPSS 20.00 versions were used for analyzing Pearson correlation, regression and frequency analysis. Moreover, a survey regarding mobile phone set demand which was conducted in major two cities, Dhaka and Sylhet, for analyzing the customers’ preference to buy a mobile phone set among 200 respondents. Finally, the study recommends some critical factors for launching a new company and making a brand image in this industry with high efficient and effective way