Antecedents of E-Banking Services by Customers for the Selected Commercial Banks in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

This study is conducted to identify customers view regarding cost effectiveness, time savings and security of different types of e-banking products like online banking, ATM banking, internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking. E-banking is the alternative delivery channels that banks adopted for providing efficient banking services through the help of internet, computers, mobile phone etc. Banks’ customers were considered as population and primary data were collected through questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and Chi-square test were used for analyzing the data. The results indicated that customers prefer ATM banking services most, next to follow mobile banking and online banking. The customers believed that all types of e-banking products save time and except telephone banking others types of e-banking products were secured. Online banking and ATM banking services were not considered as cost effective. Analysis indicated no relationship between online banking and different demographic variables. ATM banking services was highly influenced by most of the demographic variables whereas internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking influenced by few demographic variables i.e. age groups, education level, and monthly income. The results help banks to develop varieties of e-banking products and formulate strategies by considering the demographic characteristics of the customers. Customers expect more users friendly e-banking products along with diversify features and suggested to develop latest e-banking products like mobile apps based banking for ensuring long term customers relationship, attracting potential customers and keeping existing customers that may ensure consistent growth and profit as well.