How to Pay for Convocation with Rocket

This is a step by step guide to payment for 3rd Convocation of Leading University. You can follow this guide if you are confused about any step of the process. Click on the images to see bigger version of them.

1. Go to Select “One Certificate” for Bachalors or Masters, “Two Certificate” for both. After you input your student id it will populate your academic information automatically. Click “Save and Continue”.
2. Fill the form with your personal information. Select “Rocket Pay” as payment method. Put current date as “Date of Payment”. Input your Student ID as Reference Number.
3. Dial *322# to access your personal rocket account. Select 1 (Bill Pay) and continue.
4. Select 0 (Self) to pay with your own number.
5. Select 0 (other)
6. Enter Biller ID: 2718
7. Enter your Student ID as bill number (Same thing you entered as reference in step #2)
8. Enter 5500 for One Certificate and 7500 for Two Certificates.
9. Enter your pin.
10. You will see confirmation of the payment.

You are expected to receive an email confirming the successful payment and registration after the whole process is done.

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