Guideline for Using Leading University Students’ Portal

How to be Registered, Login, and Browse the information in the Students’ Portal of Leading University.

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31 thoughts on “Guideline for Using Leading University Students’ Portal

  1. Can’t you people make student academic email id for students. So that we can access defferent facilities provided by various organisations. Like Microsoft office for student and so on.

  2. I’m facing a problem that is
    Ami jokon course evaluation kortesilam tokon vhule ACC-320 course er sir silo guest teacher silo kintu ami vhule onno madum er nam diye disi.

    now what I do?

  3. sir ami ki caile amr bortoman semester er regular course take kuno course remove korte parbo semester registration e….?

      1. sir prerequisite course nite hole toh tahole 20 credits hoye jay…. 20 credits toh neya jay na…..tahole ki korbo?

  4. Why is there no privacy in exam result?Anyone can see others result.In my view,It’s kind of inappropriate to see others result without their permission.

  5. Sir, I can’t complete my teacher evaluation to show my result. There is not any option to complete it.

  6. Sir first of all take my salam.. Sir i always faced the teacher evaluation problem, in previous many semester, but why? Some students are says that its server problem, i ever not get my result but its published already….sir I want know, is it the lack of instrument in our university or sufficient skills?? Sir please help me! Law Department!

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