Young Leaders of Leading University Represented “ Innovator Boi-Pora Uthsob” Nationally

Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017 awarded 30 hard working organizations of young and enthusiastic leaders. Honorable Prime Minister’s advisor to the Government of Bangladesh on information and communication technology Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy was the chief guest who handed over the awards to the winners. On 21st October Saturday evening Sheikh Hasina National Youth Center located at Savar organized the 2nd round of Joy Bangla Youth Award. 1300 applicants representing various organizations applied for the award initially. Step by step only 100 of them got selected. Then after investigation based on field works 50 organizations got selected. Finally 30 best organizations got selected for “Joy Bangla Youth Award”. “innovator Boi-Pora Uthsob” was one of the winner organizations. It was first established in 2006, it works for the promotion and establishment of the interest of book reading among the youth so that they get to know about our liberation war, our freedom fighters and the true story of our journey of liberation. They work to inspire the youth against counter terrorism and cosmopolitanism so that they can persue the right path . On 21st October the chief coordinator Jannatul Ferdousi Tarin and member Naymur Rahiun Rahy was awarded by advisor of ICT Sajeeb Wazed Joy for their outstanding work as “Innovator Boi-Pora Uthsob” . They are the students of Leading University CSE department of 4th year (35th batch) and 1st year (44 th batch) respectively. Now their future plan is to execute the dreams of making digital Bangladesh by spreading the truth of our liberation so that the youth feels more connected with our roots. They want to launch many projects that are highly technical; l based on liberation war to increase their wisdom. They are seeking best wishes from everyone who comprise love for liberation war.

Day-1: Video

Day-2: Video

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