Success of LU Students in ‘HSBC-IBA Business Case Competition 2017’

Leading University (LU) students participated in ‘HSBC-IBA Business Case Competition 2017’ organized by HSBC Bank and Institute of Business Administration of University of Dhaka. Forty teams were selected through online competition among four hundred teams from different universities all over the country. Leading University team secured their position in them. The team was consisted of four members, and they are Dibyojyoti Syam, Sobyisachi Syam, Mostofa Mazharul Islam and Chinmoy Chowdhury, of 7th semester, Department of Business Administration, LU. The formal round will be held on 10th March at IBA campus. The team members will compete in this round with several teams among different universities. The final round will be held in Hong Kong. It’s noted that they participated in a day long workshop on 3rd March at the main branch of HSBC Bank, Gulshan-1, Dhaka and the workshop was about the rules and regulation of this competition & how to solve business case.

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