Picnic at ‘Rajnagar Tea Estate’ arranged by Department of EEE

Department of EEE has arranged a picnic on April 21, 2016 at ‘Rajnagar Tea Estate’, 75 km from Sylhet city. All the teachers, students and staffs have joined the picnic. Faruk Ahmad, Lecturer, Chemistry and Kazi Md. Jahid Hasan, Lecturer, Mathematics, have companied us as special guests. The journey began from Leading University, Rongmohol Tower campus at 9 am. We reached at spot around 11:30 am.

After having breakfast with ‘Khichuri’ and ‘Dal’, the assistant manager of the tea garden offered us to visit the surroundings. It’s been a great experience to walk across the aisle leaving behind rows of tea garden. Then he guided us to a monticule where rubber trees are planted in lines. Everyone shivered with cold and, was thrilled while a breeze of wind blew past us. No word is enough to express the scenario watching from the top of the monticule while you find yourself deep inside a green sea. After sightseeing, we paid a visit to the factory where tea processing takes place. The full process is automatic. Once the mixture is given to the machine, it comes out within two hours at commercial shape. Students arranged different sports and cultural programs after having lunch at the bungalow. Everyone was so enthused that no one noticed when the sun went down over the horizon. Before leaving the garden we expressed our gratitude to the locals for their warmth hospitality. At around 9 pm we returned to Sylhet safe and sound.



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