LUCC’s Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Bangladesh for CSE students”

A seminar on “Career Opportunities in Bangladesh for CSE Students” was organised by Leading University Computer Club on 18th February 2016. The seminar started at 11.00am at Advanced Computer Lab, Department of CSE, Rongmohol Tower Campus of Leading University. Dola Barua, Adviser, LUCC & Senior Lecturer, Dept. of CSE and Md. Saiful Ambia Chowdhury, Co-adviser, LUCC & Lecturer, Dept. of CSE were present in the seminar. The seminar was hosted by Tauhidur Rahman Rana. Several invited specialist speakers gave their speech on particular topics based on career opportunity. At first Mohaimenul Haque Adnan briefly described different career paths and tips on university life. Then Anwar Hossain, Mizanur Rahman Rayhan, Tushar Chakrabarty and Kanti Lal Baidya followed by delivering speeches on Web Development, Cyber Security, Programming and Networking. Md. Saiful Ambia Chowdhury discussed about teaching profession as a career path. The seminar was a day long event and major participation was from 41
st batch of CSE which is currently the first semester.

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