Historical Achievement in NCPC 2018 by CSE, LU

1. 10th among 149 teams.

2. No.1 University in Sylhet.

3. No.1 Private University in Bangladesh.

4. 4th best university in the country just behind DU, BUET and IUT.

We are delighted to inform you that LU_Psychiatrist_Dhekabo_nah stood 10th among 149 teams in National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) 2018held at IUBAT today on 4th August, 2018. Leading University have also stood 4th among all universities in Bangladesh (Just behind DU, BUET and IUT).

This is the first time in history that Leading University stood in top 10 in a prestigious National Programming Contest which consisted of around 150 teams.

The Team members of LU_Psychiatrist_Dhekabo_nah are: Araf Al Jami, Sayed Al Mahdi and Komol Sarkar. They solved 6 problems. Another team from Leading University – LU_Candidate consisted of Farid Ul Islam Chowdhury, Mohammad Jamil and Rizwan Cheema solved 4 problems. The other team LU_Zero_Dimension consisted of Anika Tahsin Chowdhury, Tareq Aziz Khan and Emdadul Islam solved 2 problems. These teams are coached by Adjunct Faculty & ACM Programming Coach of LU – Mr. Md. Tahmid Rahman Laskar, Lecturer & Co – Advisor of LUCC – Mr. Md. Saiful Ambia Chowdhury and Head of the Department of CSE, LU & Advisor of LUCC – Assistant Professor Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman Khan.

The Programming Coach of Leading University – Mr. MdTahmid Rahman Laskar says that this is the best performance by a team from Leading University in a National Programming Contest. He added that Leading University have also stood first among all universities in Sylhet for the first time beating SUST and also become the no. 1 private universities in Bangladesh.

The Head of CSE, LU – Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman Khan congratulated all the teams and thanked the Coaches, Faculty Members, Alumni of CSE, LU and the Senior Batch students for mentoring & training the current programmers to achieve this glory.

Mr. Md. Saiful Ambia Chowdhury also attended the event with the programming teams at IUBAT.


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