Class Attendance App developed by CSE students

Two students (Masud Ahmed & Quresha Qurratul Ain) of Computer Science & Engineering department developed an android application for Class Attendance. This application contains information about All Students, Teachers, Departments, Programs, Courses, Schedules, Semesters, Batches, Add-Drops, Attendances and many more. There are different levels of users in this application, every users has different level of permission given by an admin. All teachers will have their own account to take attendance for individual courses. Admin will provide student list for different courses for different teachers. With this application it’s not possible to give fake attendance and admin can monitor all class attendance whenever they want. Students can only access their accounts and find their registered courses. They can also check their attendance record by login to their account. This project was supervised by Arif Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE.

This application is available in Google Play Store. Search “LU Attendance” in play store to download this. Contact Head, CSE department for further assistance.

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