‘Agro-Robot’ from EEE, Leading University placed runner-up in Robolution-2016

A team of Leading University, namely ‘Agro-Robot’ has placed runner-up in a project showcasing competition in Robolution-2016, organized by the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) on 30th April, 2016.  Three fourth-year students from department of EEE, Md. Abu Bakar Siddik, Priyanka Das Pinki and Mou Deb, competed under the banner of ‘Smart Agricultural Robotic System’, and demonstrated a robot which can pick and carry fruits as well as share information with remote control panel and dedicated server. Universities like BUET, DU, SUST, MIST, IUT, DUET etc. have participated in the competition. In addition, another team ‘LU-cybertron’, led by Mithu, Monjur, Tanvir, Mazed and Dhruvo, all from EEE dept., has been able to reach semi-final in Robo-fight category.  Also team ‘Wolvarine’, ‘Oxbridge’, ‘Optimus prime’, ‘LU-Quadrofighter’ and ‘Aborton’ have shown pleasing performance in respective categories.







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