Post Pandemic Challenges of the Travel Agency Business in Bangladesh

by Md. Abdus Salam & Md. Abdul Halim

International Journal of Science and Business, 12(1), 70–80.

Abstract: The primary purpose of this study is to determine the post-COVID-19 challenges of the travel agency business. This study has also recommended some recovery plans to minimize post-COVID-19 challenges which is faced by the travel agency businesses of Bangladesh. Considerably, prevalent travel agents of Bangladesh are the target population for this study. The online survey development platform known as “Google Form” was used to formulate the questionnaire: which was distributed to the 150 respondents. The questionnaire was prepared following the non-probability convenience sampling method where responses from a total of 120 respondents of different travel agencies were collected and to examine the data SPSS 26.0 was used. This study has used descriptive statistics to analyze the results of the population’s firmographic characteristics and the basic information of the travel agency business operation of the respondents. In addition, this study applied mean, standard deviation, and ANOVA tests to analyze the variables. The survey results identified the most concerning challenges for the travel agency business and the most influencing steps for the post-COVID-19 recovery of the travel agency business in Bangladesh. The findings of this research will assist the travel agents to design strategies that will accelerate their business operation which in turn will help them to overcome the post-COVID-19 challenges.