Perceptions of Women Entrepreneurs and Their Performance: A Study in Sylhet City, Bangladesh

Women entrepreneurs have rapidly growing
contribution in economic development of Bangladesh.
They should have positive perceptions on different
aspects of society so that they can perform effectively
in their societies of Bangladesh. This paper aims to
investigate the perceptions of women entrepreneurs
and the relation with their performance in Sylhet city.
The study focuses on different aspects of perception
which might have impact on women entrepreneurs
such as perceptions on financial supports, family and
friends, society, legal and political environment and
women empowerment in society. This study involved
field survey method by using structured interviews
technique along with a structured questionnaire that
was formed with thirty six statements in five-scale
Likert. The field survey was conducted in Sylhet city
by selecting fifty women entrepreneurs purposely
from different sectors. So the study reveals that
women entrepreneurs have highly positive perception
on their family and friends as well as on their
empowerment in family and society. On the other
hand, they have very negative perception on political
and legal environment and existing financial supports
and moderate perception on society. The analysis
also reveals that these perceptions haven’t any
significant influence on their performance such as
business growth. It is yet necessary to change their
perceptions through collective initiatives from
government and private sectors for future growth of
women entrepreneurs in Sylhet city.
Keywords: Women Entrepreneurs, Perceptions,
Society, Performance

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