Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector: A Study on Selected Branches in Sylhet Region

It is commonly believed that culture of an organization contributes to increase the performance when the culture is strong and have distinctive features. The objective of this study is to investigate the relationship of the cultural dimensions of the organizations with job satisfaction of employees in banking sector. There are six dimensions of organizational culture such as innovative and risk taking attitudes, people orientation, customer orientation, team orientation, ethical behaviour and nature of job satisfaction found in different popular texts. This study involved a questionnaire with thirfy one statements interviewed from fifty respondents from eight private and two public banks in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The statements were in five-scale Likert questionnaire. The reliability of the statements for each dimension was confirmed by Cronbech’s alpha. Employees’ job satisfaction has maximum correlation (0.829) with innovative, flexible and risk taking attitudes of the organizations and minimum correlation (0.724) with team orientation of the organizations. Meanwhile, Job satisfaction has highest dependency on innovative, flexible and risk taking attitudes of the organizations. So the study reveals that Job satisfaction of employees is influenced by organizational culture of banking sector especially by innovative, flexible and risk taking attitudes and customer orientation of the banking organizations.
Keywords: Organizational culture, Dimensions, Attitudes, Job satisfaction, Banking Sector