Implementing WPAN(Wireless Personal Area Network) into our home

Abstract: The concept of Wireless Personal Area Network is in our life now a days, Bluetooth does this. With a Bluetooth product in our hands, we can do lot of things that we would dream couple of years ago. But now we can send, talk, dance, and more entertainment – all wirelessly. Bluetooth wireless technology has expanded rapidly. Where ever we go, where we are working, playing, or moving, Bluetooth technology or this device can make life easier for us. Our modern home is much different than homes of past Decades. We discuss about the various household Bluetooth products in this paper, how this products works, what are the possible problems that we might face to use Bluetooth devices and finally some simple solution for those problems. Using Bluetooth devices in our home is very popular and easy but there must be a clear definition about what kind of devices we are dealing with. A clear concept of using this sort of device may make us comfortable in using technology. With the growth of modern technology, we are bringing our office into our homes, making our lives easier and more enjoyable. Besides, we are now extending technology outside of the main office, into other areas of the home. With products using Bluetooth technology, we can eliminate the cable replacing technology in the home office. Keyboards, mouse, printers, laptops, and headphones and speakers can be used in the PC environment wirelessly, improving the area and allowing for more creativity and freedom in decorating our own office.

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