Factors Affecting Outbound Tourism from Bangladesh: A Study on Young Bangladeshi Tourists

by Sanjoy Kumar Roy, Md. Abdul Halim, Shohel Md. Nafi and Shohidul Islam Sazib

South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, Page 38-46 https://doi.org/10.9734/sajsse/2021/v11i430292

Abstract: The aim of this study is to identify the factors for young Bangladeshi tourists to participate in outbound tourism. This study also attempted to create a young tourist profile. The target population for this study encompassed young Bangladeshi outbound travellers from 18 to 35 years old and who took at least one foreign tour. The questionnaire was formulated in the online survey development platform known as Google form and was distributed to the respondents. In total, 145 completed questionnaires were collected. To evaluate the responses of the respondents a five-point likert scale was used. This study used SPSS 26.0 to analyze the data. The results of the demographic characteristics of the respondents were analyzed by the frequency distribution and percentage. However, mean, standard deviation and ANOVA tests were employed to analyze the variables of this study. The survey results indicate that ‘for visiting and experiencing new places & its culture’ and ‘for traveling with my friends’ are the most influencing motivations to travel among young Bangladeshi tourists: in the same time ‘lack of money’, ‘family responsibilities’ and, ‘mode of transportation’ are the most concerning factors for obstructing travel decisions for them. The other concerning limiting factors which can’t be overlooked are ‘safety and security concerns’ ‘accommodation availability’ and ‘lack of time for travel’. The findings of this study will help the business operator to formulate strategy and offer a suitable travel package for the young tourist market.