Enhancing the Security of Cloud Computing by Building Hybrid Cryptography Algorithms

In the present circumstances, the Cloud Computing is very well-known and flexible technology. It provides massive data centre to handle the large amount of information. The Cloud Computing benefits the organizations to handle their large volume of information. The major issue in cloud computing is data security, because most of the customers are sharing same cloud. This study aims at designing a new security method by using a hybrid cryptosystem, for data security in the cloud. The necessity for the current investigation is to protect data from unauthorized access or hackers in cloud at the time of data transmission by encrypting the user data. Cloud computing constitutes several security issues including data access control, identity management, auditing, integrity control and risk management. So, this hybrid cryptosystem is designed and comprises of both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithm in which Blowfish symmetric algorithm deals with data confidentiality whereas, RSA asymmetric algorithm deals with an authentication. This method also includes the Secure Hash Algorithm – 256 (SHA-256) for data integrity. This study concluded that the proposed method provides high security on data transmission over the internet and proper network access on demand to a shared tank of constructive computing resources, like net, server, and storage application.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Cryptography, Blowfish, RSA, SHA-256

Published in International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887)
Volume 183 – No. 44, December 2021