Disparities in Consumers’ Perception on Dimensions of CSR

The perception of consumers towards corporate social responsibility varies among countries due to political and socio-economical differences. There is a scarcity of academic works on consumers’ perception of CSR in the context of developing countries. This paper aims at identifying the variations of consumers’ response on the four dimensions (economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic) of CSR in Sylhet. Particularly, the consumers of banking sector have been considered for this study. In this quantitative research, a structured questionnaire has been used for identifying consumers’ response using convenience sampling method. One way ANOVA, descriptive analysis, and factor analysis have been used for analyzing the data. This study finds that consumers’ response on the four dimensions of CSR vary significantly and they give highest priority to the economic dimension among the four dimensions. The results of this paper can be helpful for banks and other institutions in formulating their CSR policies more effectively.

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