Design, Control & Performance Analysis of Electronic Noticeboard

Abstract— This paper introduces an Electronic Noticeboard that is based on user-friendly smart technology. The Electronic Noticeboard is controlled via smartphone android app. This Electronic Noticeboard is build and functioned in replace of human effort especially educational campus service to hang important notice digitally without any human existence. Individual account via web based android app for all faculties is facilitated in this system so that faculties can easily post their important messages in the noticeboard. Individual account for students is also facilitated to every student to check up if there is any update notice or not. Special design features is introduced in the Electronic Noticeboard that ensures the total security, added new dimension in electronic noticeboard technology. Performance analysis is shown to evaluate how Electronic Noticeboard is unique. The efficiency of the entire system is established through practical studies. The end result denotes the sustainability, affordability and reliability of the Electronic Noticeboard. This paper also enables the immense possible research scope among educational institutions.

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Full Paper : Electronic Notice Board