John holds BSc (Physics), MSc (Computer Science), ME (Computer Science), and PhD (Computer Science, Sydney University). He has over 35 years of industrial, research, academic and managerial experiences; and as Project/Technical Leader.
He received significant funding from government and industries and he has extensive international contacts and networks for research and collaborations. He provided technical advices for the South African Government.
John was the former President/Vice President of Universities in Australia and currently he is the President of Kyungdong University Global Campus in Korea.
John has established extensive marketing networks over many countries around the world. He has been maintaining significant contacts internationally. He is confident in developing new strategies and goals in leading the organization for success. He has strong expertise in Information Technology, as stated below:

  • He founded an IT college in Sydney Australia in 1997 and led the college until 2004 as President. He supervised the departments of Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Faculties, Personnel, and Administration. More importantly, he worked on international and government relations.
  • He has published numerous research and technical papers in the areas of Advanced Data Base Technology (transaction processing algorithms, concurrency control and recovery algorithms, hot spot handling algorithms), Algorithm Modeling and Verification, Software Engineering, Total Quality Management Systems (process, defect prevention and removal, quality modeling and tracking, metrics, project audit, project management, quality control and assurance, quality benchmarking), some of which resulted in commercial products.
  • He served as Project Leader and Technical Leader and managed many international research & development projects which were highly successful and produced significant results. The major projects he led include: STARVIEW, OS/2 LAN development, and Master Plan for Software Total Quality Management System.
  • Leader of the Marketing Tools Development project, sponsored by the IBM Asia/Pacific HeaThe STARVIEW project involved development of database utilities for DB2, SQL/DS and AS/400 and OS/2 Database Manager and Professor Lee was a Technical Leader – Design and Testing – for this project. It was a large-scale project in partnership with IBM Santa Teresa Lab, IBM Toronto Lab, IBM Rochester, and IBM Austin Lab. As the Project dquarters, he developed a tool based on OS/2 Presentation Manager to analyze and predict the marketing situations.
  • He developed a Master Plan for Software Total Quality Management System for Samsung Data Systems Co. He was the project leader of three major research projects (ASTQM, Handling a Hot Spot for Current Transactions, High Performance Transaction Processing Algorithm for Mobile Computing) in Australia. He obtained a large amount of research fund from the Australian Government and from the Australian Research Council.
  • He was a Senior Research Fellow and Professor at Deakin University
  • He was a Technical Adviser to Samsung Data Systems.
  • He was the Founder and President of McArthur College.
  • He was a receiver of the 1996 IEEE CS Contribution Award.
  • He received an Open Research Award (1997) from the University of Western Sydney.
  • He has been an invited speaker for numerous short courses and seminars in Australia and abroad.
  • He was an executive member of the IEEE Computer Society for Asia/Pacific Activities Committee.
  • He was a Senior Member of IEEE and the Chairman of the KAITEC (Korea-Australia Information Technology Exchange Committee).
  • He led several research projects sponsored by the Australian Government and industry sectors.
  • He was the Academic Research Director of Queensland University of Technology.
  • He was the Director of Research Centre for Advanced Software Engineering and Technology at University of Western Sydney McArthur. In recognition of his contribution, he was personally requested by the Vice-Chancellor for a Personalchair position.
  • He was the Secretary and a Founder of the IEEE Yuforic.