CSE Class-Routine and Course Information, Fall-2020 Semester

Classes of the Fall-2020 semester is going to be started from the 28th of October, 2020. In this regard, the necessary information is provided below: Class-Routine, BSc Program, Fall-20 Class-Routine, (Weekend) BSc Program, Fall-20 Batch-wise Course Offering, Fall-2020 List of Advisors for Fall-2020 semester Contact Information of all the teachers of CSE Department for Fall-2020 […]

Fall-2020 | EEE Course Offering, Teachers & Routines

Please click on the link below: Semester-wise course offering, Fall-2020  Course Teacher and Course List Class Routine, Fall-2020 Midterm Exam Routine, Fall-2020  Please see the class/exam routines before submitting your retake/drop courses to avoid possible class/exam overlapping.