Batch Counsellors of the Department of English

This is to inform the faculty members and students of the Department of English that as per the decision of the faculty meeting held on 14.07.16 at 11:30am in the room of the Head of the Department, the following faculty members have been assigned as Batch Counsellor from now on till the end of the Program of that particular assigned batch:

Faculty Member                                                   Assigned Batch

  1. Md. Rezaul Karim –                        MA Program [18th, 19th and 20th Batch]
  2. Rumpa Sharmin –                          Undergraduate Program [32nd and 36th Batch]
  3. Manfath Jabin Haque-                  Undergraduate Program [33rd(A) and 43rd  Batch]
  4. Mahbub Alam-                                Undergraduate Program [33rd(B)  and 39th(A) Batch]
  5. Abu Saeed Md. Naheed-                Undergraduate Program [40th  and 41st  Batch]
  6. Shammi Akter-                                 Undergraduate Program [35th and 39th(B) Batch]
  7. Ahsan Uddin Tohel-                       Undergraduate Program [34th  and 42nd(A) Batch]
  8. Ashfaque Ahmad Shovon-            Undergraduate Program [37th  and 42nd(B)  Batch]
  9. Touhida Sultana –                           Undergraduate Program [38th Batch]


The students of the Department of English have been highly encouraged to contact their Batch Counsellor for consultations, queries and confusions.


Thanking you,

(Muhammad Nazrul Islam)

Assistant Professor and Head (Acting)

Department of English

Leading University, Sylhet