Chowdhury Mohammad Shams Wahid

Chowdhury Mohammad Shams Wahid

Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +8801719192149


Masters of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Thesis Topic: Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of a Residential Building by Japanese Index Method and Its Control by HYDE System
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Thesis Topic: Longer Span Floor System in Flat Plate Structure.
Department of Civil Engineering
Stamford University, Bangladesh.

Higher Secondary Certificate
Group: Science, Sylhet Board.
Jalalabad Cant. Public School & College, Sylhet

Secondary School Certificate
Group: Science, Sylhet Board.
Govt. Pilot High School, Sylhet

Achieved German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship for 4 months from September, 2015 to December, 2015 under South East Asian Network for Disaster & Environmental Engineering (SEAN-DEE)

Achieved Junior Scholarship in 2000 (Higher Grade) under Sylhet Education Board and from Govt. Pilot High School, Sylhet.

Achieved Primary Scholarship in 1997 (General Grade) under Sylhet Education Board from Govt. Pilot High School, Sylhet.

Member, Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh. MIEB 32299

Area of Study

Structural engineering, seismic and non-seismic vulnerability assessment, seismic and non-seismic structural retrofitting, reinforced concrete structure, steel structure, construction materials.


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  2. Wahid C.M.S., Mistry J., Bhattacharjee S. and Shanto S.I. Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Concrete When Groundwater With Different Ferric Iron (Fe 3+ ) Concentration is Used for Mixing and Curing: a Case Study in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Pre print, Research Square. November 2023. DOI: 10.21203/
  3. Wahid C.M.S., Rahman M.A., Akhtaruzzaman S. and Alam J.B.A. A Proposal for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings in Bangladesh using Simplified Japanese Index Method. ASEAN Engineering Journal. 13:2 (2023) 61-67. June 2023. DOI:
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