Nafis Subhani

Nafis Subhani

Assistant Professor
Co-advisor, Leading university electronics club (LUEC)

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +8801679635510

Area of Study

Academic Background
  1. MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (By research mode), 2019 Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia
  2. BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2014 International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Bangladesh
  3. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination Government City College, Chittagong
  4. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination SWI, Chittagong
Work Experience
  1. Assistant Professor Leading University, Sylhet-3112, Bangladesh | Website: LUS Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Service Length: June, 2022 - Present
  2. Lecturer Leading University, Sylhet-3112, Bangladesh | Website: LUS Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Service Length: February, 2021 - May, 2022
  3. Research Scientist Centre for Smart Grid and Energy Research (CSMER) | Website: CSMER Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia, Service Length: 2019 - 2020
  4. Graduate Teaching Assistant Department of EEE, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia | Website: UTP, Service Length: 2017 - 2019
  5. Assistant Electrical Engineer PHP Steel Cold Rolling Mills Limited, Chittagong | Website:  PHP Group, Service Length: 2014 - 2017
Research Interest
  1. DC-AC and AC-DC power electronic converter design
  2. Modeling of Z-source inverter
  3. Z-source DC-DC converter
  4. Grid connected PV inverter
  5. Development of DC-DC Converter based Smart Transformer for AC-DC Hybrid Microgrid system
Research Publications
  1. Subhani N, May Z, Alam MK, Mamun S (2023) An enhanced gain non-isolated quadratic boost DC-DC converter with continuous source current. PLoS ONE 18(12): e0293097. (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q1, Impact Factor-3.7)
  2. Tasnim, M.N., Riana, J.M.K.,Shams, T., Shahjalal, M., Subhani, N., Ahmed, M.R.,Iqbal, A.: A critical review on contemporary powerelectronics interface topologies to vehicle-to-gridtechnology: Prospects, challenges, and directions. IETPower Electron. 1–25 (2023). (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q3, Impact Factor-2.839)
  3. Subhani, Z. May, M. K. Alam, I. Khan, M. A. Hossain and S. Mamun, "An Improved Non-Isolated Quadratic DC-DC Boost Converter With Ultra High Gain Ability," IEEE Access, USA 2023. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3241863 (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q1, Impact Factor-3.367)
  4. Subhani N, Kannan R, Mahmud A, Blaabjerg F. "Z‐source inverter topologies with switched Z‐impedance networks: A review". IET Power Electronics, United Kingdom 2021. (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q2, Impact Factor-2.839)
  5. Subhani, N.; Kannan, R.; Mahmud, M..A.; Roy, T.K.; Romlie, M.F. "Analysis of Steady-State Characteristics for a Newly Designed High Voltage Gain Switched Inductor Z-Source Inverter." Electronics, Switzerland 2019, 8, 940. (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q2, Impact Factor-2.4112)
  6. Subhani, N.; Kannan, R.; Mahmud, M.A.; Romlie, M.F. Performance Analysis of a Modernized Z-Source Inverter for Robust Boost Control in Photovoltaic Power Conditioning Systems. Electronics, Switzerland 2019, 8, 139. (SCIE/WoS Indexed-Q2, Impact Factor-2.4112)
  7. Subhani, R. Kannan and A. Mahmud, "New Symmetric Enhanced-Boost Modified Z-Source Inverters with Switched Z-Impedance," 2020 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE2020), Cochin, India, 2020, pp. 1-6, DOI:10.1109/PESGRE45664.2020.9070452. (IEEE Industry Application Society Sponsored Conference)
  8. Subhani, R. Kannan, K. Porkumaran, S. Prasath and M. Srinath, "An Improved Modified Capacitor-Assisted Z-Source Inverter with Reduced Capacitor Voltage Stress and Inrush Start-up Current," 2019 IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion (CENCON), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2019, pp. 182-187, DOI:10.1109/CENCON47160.2019.8974668 (ISI Indexed Conference)
  9. Subhani, N.; Kannan, R.; Romlie, M.F.: 'Steady State Performance Analysis of One Switched Inductor Series Z-source Inverter', Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 2018, p. 55 (6 pp.)-55 (6 pp.), DOI: 10.1049/cp.2018.1348 (Scopus Indexed Conference)
  10. Subhani, R. Kannan and M. F. Romlie, "Modified Topology of Z-Source Inverter by Switched Inductor with Series Impedance Network," 2018 International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced System (ICIAS), Malaysia, 2018, pp. 1-5, DOI: 10.1109/ICIAS.2018.8540584. (ISI Indexed Conference)
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