Md. Moontasir Rashid

Md. Moontasir Rashid

Member, Research and Project Advisory Committee

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +8801628245005


B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) from American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB).
Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from BAF Shaheen College,Dhaka.
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from BAF Shaheen College,Dhaka.

Area of Study

Additional Responsibilities:

- Co-advisor, Electronics Club, Leading University (2019-20 Committee)

- Member, Routine Committee, Dept. of EEE, Leading University

Awards and Acknowledgments:

- Awarded Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal) for Academic Excellence during Undergraduate Study at 19th Convocation of American International University- Bangladesh.

- Awarded Merit Scholarship throughout entirety of undergraduate study at American International University- Bangladesh.

- Awarded Deans list for exceptional performance in individual consecutive semesters during Undergraduate Study.

- Monetary award from school for achieving excellent result in both SSC and HSC.

Skills Summary:

- Completed many projects related to coursework such as obstacle avoiding robot, FM transmitter, Door lock system, Automated Infrared controlled wheelchair for physically disabled people.

- Knowledgeable in AutoCAD 2007.

- Skilled in MATLAB, RET Screen and HOMER simulation software.

- Worked with DSCH, LT spice IV, Proteus, Microwind 3.5, Emulator, Express PCB, Arduino, PSIM, Multisim, RSlinx PLC configuration.

- Knowledge of power equipment, power station and substation working, circuit breakers.

- Knowledge of working principle and structure of different motors, rectifiers, generators and batteries.

- Knowledge of Biomedical engineering, more specifically medical electronics, bio-signals and instrumentation.

- Knowledge of renewable energy technology, solar radiation, solar thermal, wind turbine technology.

- Basic knowledge of certain management principles and techniques applied in engineering and scientific field.

- Proficient in MS word, MS excel, Power point and Mailing.

- OS: Experience in Windows and macOS.

Research Interest:

Renewable Energy Technology, Power System and Biomedical Engineering.


Former member of Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (IEEE).


Conducted a workshop on “Renewable Energy Source based modelling on HOMER software” on December, 2018. Hybrid optimisation modelling of multiple energy resources software is a prominent software in modelling renewable energy source designs.


Nowshin N., Rashid M.M., Akhtar T., Akhtar N. (2019) Infrared Sensor Controlled Wheelchair for Physically Disabled People. In: Arai K., Bhatia R., Kapoor S. (eds) Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018. FTC 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 881. Springer, Cham

Md M. Rashid, T. Akhtar, Md N. I. Maruf  "An RES-based Grid connected Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Bangladesh" published in IEEE Xplore and conference proceedings is indexed by Scopus.

Md N. M. Haque, Md S. Miah, Md A. Islam, Md M. Rashid, S. Ray, "Design and implementation of smart solar grid system for Leading University, Bangladesh" has been presented at International Conference on Electrical, Communication,Electronics, Instrumentation and Computing (ICECICE-2019), India and conference proceedings will be published in IEEE Xplore and conference proceedings is indexed by Scopus.

Md M. Rashid, Md. N. M. Haque, T. Akhtar, Md S. Miah, "Simulink Model of controlling Fuel cell powered DC motor with comparative analysis", has been presented at 4th International Conference on Communication and Electronics System (ICCES-2019) and conference proceedings will be published in IEEE Xplore and conference proceedings is indexed by Scopus.

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Student Corner:

  1. Engineering Drawing
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Electrical Circuit 2
  4. Energy Conversion 3
  5. Electrical Service Design
  6. Energy Conversion 2 Lab
  7. Electronics 1
  8. Electrical Circuit 2 Lab
  9. Power System 1