Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque

Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque

(On study leave) Former Counselor, IEEE LUSB and Convener, Research and Project Advisory Committee

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +88-01717255769


Professional Experience:
1. Organization Name : Leading University Sylhet, Bangladesh
Type : University
Position Held : Lecturer, Department of EEE
Service Tenure : October 04, 2015 to till date

2. Organization Name:Northbengal Institute of development studies (NIDS)
Type : Educational Institution (Affiliated to National
University Bangladesh)
Position Held : Lecturer, Department of CSE
Service Tenure : December 06, 2013 to September 30, 2015.

3. Organization Name: Bangla Trac Communications Ltd.
Type : Telecommunication (IGW, ICX Services)
Position Held : Engineer Network Operation Centre (NOC).
Service Tenure : July 15, 2012 to November 30, 2013.

Educational Details:

B.Sc. Engineering (EEE):
Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University: Ahsanullah University of science and Technology (AUST)

Higher Secondary Certificate:
Group: Science
Passing Year: 2007
Institute: Rangpur Govt. College

Secondary School Certificate:
Group: Science
Passing Year: 2005
Institute: Rangpur Zilla School

Area of Study

Research Interest:  Power Electronics, Control System, Cycloconverter, Matrix Converter, Fuzzy Logic, Electrical Management.

Active Research Work :( 2018-2019)

  • Fuzzy Logic controlling Bi-directional converter based Solar Powered DC Motor

Previous Research Work :( 2017-2018)

  • Smart Photovoltaic System for Leading University Permanent Campus. This research activity was funded by Leading University research evaluation committee

Previous Research work :( 2016-2017)

  • Design and Simulation of solar powered three phase supply to grid using push-pull inverter and matrix converter

Previous Research work :( 2015-2016)

  • PI and PID Controlling a DC motor using Buck-Boost converter, Powered by Solar power system

Under graduation Research: (2011-2012)

  • Study to optimize the performance of photovoltaic system in perspective of Bangladesh and improve performance of MPPT charge controller

Project Works:

  1. Design and implementation of a voltage stabilizer
  2. Design and implementation of a surge voltage protector
  3. Design and implementation of an efficient 100 watt inverter
  4. Design and implementation of smart solar data logger system
  5. Design and implementation of smart power saving system


  1. Training of Trainers (ToT) on “Net Metering Guideline-2018” Organized by Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)
  2. Programming of PLC for Industrial Automation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of PLC System from Engineering Staff College, Dhaka.
  3. Hands-on-Training on Windmill Version-7.0 for Power System Studies from the department of EEE, AUST on the basis of merit position.

Journal Publications:

  1. Published: Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque, Md. Ashraful Islam, Md. Sayem Miah, Md. Moontasir Rashid, and Mr. Sumit Ray “Battery-Less Cost Effective Photo-Voltaic (PV) Smart Grid Scheme of Leading University, Bangladesh”, Journal of Power Electronics & Power Systems (JoPEPS); ISSN: 2249-863X (Online), ISSN: 2321-4244 (Print); Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021, DOI (Journal): 10.37591/JoPEPS.
  2. Published: Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque, Md. Sayem Miah, Tanvir Ahmad, Md. Misbahuzzaman, Muhaimin Aziz Choudhury, and Dr. Md. Riyad Tanshen “Design and Simulation of a Transformer Coupled Push-Pull Inverter and Matrix Converter Type Smart Solar Grid System”, Journal of Trends In Electrical Engineering (JoTEE); ISSN: 2249-4774 (Online), ISSN: 2321-4260 (Print); Volume 9, Issue 1, February, 2019 Edition, DOI: 10.37591/.v9i1.1436.
  3. Published: Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque, Ifthekhar Ahammad,Md. Sayem Miah, Asad Ahmed Miki, and Hasan Ahmed“Design and Implementation of Cost Effective Inverter”, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, IJSTR Volume 6 - Issue 10, October 2017 Edition. (Scopus Indexed)
  4. Published: Habib Ullah, Tanvir Ahmad, Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque,Md. Jakaria Rahimi, and Ripan Kumar Dhar“An Efficient Solar Pumping System for Rural Areas of Bangladesh”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, IJSER Volume 4, Issue 8, August,2013 Edition.

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Published: Md. Ashraful Islam, Gulam Mahfuz Chowdhury, and Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque “Bangla License Plate Detection, Recognition and Authentication with Morphological Process and Template Matching”, in proceedings of IEEE international conference on  Emerging Technologies 2021(INCET 2021). (Scopus Indexed)
  2. Published: Sangita Das, Md. Moontasir Rashid, Jannatul Firdous, and Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque, , “Design, Analysis and Simulation of a Solar Powered DC Motor using MOSFET H-bridge Converter”, in proceedings of 11th ICCCNT 2020 (11th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies). (Scopus Indexed)
  3. Published: Moontasir Rashid, Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque, Tasneema Akhtar , and Md. Sayem Miah, “Simulink Model of Controlling Fuel Cell Powered DC Motor with Comparative Performance Analysis”, in proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communication and Electrical System (ICCES)-2019. (Scopus Indexed)
  4. Published: Niaz Morshedul Haque, Md. Naem-Ur-Rahman, Saurov Chandra Sarker ,Md. Sayem Miah, Iftekhar Ahammad, and Md. Ashraful Islam“Design and Simulation of a Forcible Buck-Boost Controlling Solar Powered DC Motor”, in proceedings of IEEE international conference on Power, Control, Signals and Instrumentation Engineering(ICPCSI)-2017. (Scopus Indexed)
  5. Published: Sayem Miah, Robin Acharjee, Mrinal Kanti Dhar, , Iftekhar Ahammad, Md. Thasfiquzzaman, and Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque “Traffic Signal Interactive Autonomous Vehicle: An Approach for Intelligent Path Planning and Steering Control”, in proceedings of IEEE international conference on Power, Control, Signals and Instrumentation Engineering(ICPCSI)-2017. (Scopus Indexed)
  6. Accepted and Presented:  Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque and Tamanna Hossain “SSDLS: Smart Solar Data Logger System”, in proceedings of international conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Advance Science (ICETEAS-2021).
  7. Accepted and Presented: Ifthekhar Ahammad, Abu Bakkeer Siddek, Shafquat Anwar Abeer, Md. Sayem Miah, and Niaz Morshedul Haque, Farzan Mahmood Chowdhury, Md. Ashraful Islam“Radio Navigation- An approach to Location Determination Utilizing Trilateration”, in proceedings of IEEE international conference on Electrical, Electronics,Computers,Communication,Mechanical and Computing (EECCMC)-2018.