Dipayon Kumar Sikder

Dipayon Kumar Sikder


Contact Information

Cell Phone: 01521460068

Area of Study

Academic Background:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET), Supervisor: Dr. Apratim Roy, Advisor: Dr. Nasim Ahmed Dewan
  2. Higher Secondary Certificate, M.C.College, Sylhet
  3. Secondary School Certificate, Blue Bird School and College, Sylhet

Work Experience:

  1. Lecturer(July, 2022-Present), Leading University, Sylhet
  2. Research Student(May, 2021-Present), Emerging Nanoscale Devices, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interest:

Nanophotonicstructures | Biomedical Application | Semiconductor Device | Nanophononics | Optoelectronic Device


  1. M. O. Rahman, D. Kumar Sikder and S. Mondal, "Implementation of an Automated Interlocking Mechanism with Digital Logic Interface Utilizing VERILOG," 2021 Asian Conference on Innovation in Technology (ASIANCON), 2021, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/ASIANCON51346.2021.9544536.

Publication Under Preparation:

  1. Journal (Under Review) - An Intelligent Pixelated Electrode Array for High Density Surface Electromyography Sensors, Authors: Sakib Chowdhury, Dipayon Kumar Sikder, Dr. Apratim Roy, Journal: IEEE Sensor Journal (Q1, Impact Factor: 4.325).
  2.  Journal (Preparing Manuscript) – Influence of Periodic Parabola Texture Profile Enhanced by Au Nanoparticles in Thin Film Si Solar Cell.
  3. Journal (Preparing Manuscript) – Linearly Graded Highly Efficient Three Junction Tandem Solar Cell: Design, Theory and Simulation.

Academic Projects:

  1. OCR equation solver using MATLAB. (Numerical Analysis Laboratory)
  2. Re-winding a three phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor. (Energy Conversion Laboratory.)
  3. Determination of power flow in MATLAB using Newton-Raphson method. (Power System-1 LAB.)
  4.  Sampling and reconstruction of an analog signal and PCB design. (Communication LAB.)
  5. Fixed Password based applied security system. (Digital Electronics LAB.)
  6. Privacy preserving GPS with open map interface. (Microprocessor LAB.)
  7.  Smart Energy Meter for measuring power consumption. (Measurement Laboratory)
  8. Alarm Clock simulation with Verilog and layout design using cadence tool. (VLSI circuits and design laboratory -2)
  9. Improving the efficiency of traditional solar cell. (Optoelectronics Laboratory)
  10. Electrical service design of a multistoried building. (Electrical service design laboratory)
  11. 4 Bit Microcomputer Design Using Verilog. (Microprocessor & Embedded System Theory)


  1. Dean’s Award: Academic excellence in Level-4
  2. University Merit Scholarship: CGPA: 4.00 in Level-4
  3. Board Merit Scholarship: Junior, Secondary And Higher Secondary School Certificate Examinations.