Abul Abrar Masrur Ahmed

Abul Abrar Masrur Ahmed

Assistant Professor (On study leave)
Former Head (Acting) and Former Adviser of Leading University Sports Club
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +8801912140065


I am a passionate data science and deep learning user to understand the changes in hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g., drought and flood index etc.). I am currently working on developing a Hybrid Deep Learning forecasting model to forecast the hydrological variables in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin. I also work in bias correction of GCM/CMIP5 simulated variables and GFS forecast variables under global warming scenarios.

Area of Study

  • Future projection of local hydrological variables under CMIP5 simulated RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 global warming scenarios.

  • Bias correction of CMIP5/GCM simulated variables and GFS forecast variables. ​​

  • Changes in hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g. flood Index, drought, reference evapo-transpiration, sea-level rise, and extreme rainfall)

  • Data-driven machine learning models in hydrology, climatology, and decision making

  • Hybrid-deep-learning approach for a decision support system for hydrological variables.

  • Hybrid-deep-learning approach for Air Quality forecasting.

  • Irrigation water requirement using CROPWAT model

  • Statistical Downscaling

  • Water quality monitoring and application of DO-predictive approach

Professional organization membership:

  • Member, Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (MIEB) M-27250
  • Member, Bangladesh Earthquake Society (M-315)

Social Links:

||ResearchGate || LinkedIn || Personnel || GoogleScholar||

Training/Workshops Attended (Selected)

  1. Attended a Seminar on “Framework Development, and Research Objectives” org. by Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh from Sep. 29 to Dec 01, 2016.
  2. Attended an Intensive Training on “Bibliography and Reference with Mendeley®” by the DISC International org. by School of Modern Science, Leading University.
  3. Attended a training program on “Mathematical Modeling using MATLAB software” organized by Department of Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  4. Attended in the seminar on “Outcome-Based Education and Accreditation Criteria” organized by BAETE held in IEB, Dhaka from 9-10 June 2012.
  5. A seminar on “Application of GIS” scheduled to be held from Nov 19 – 20, 2018 org. by Department of Civil Engineering, Leading University, Sylhet.
  6. Participated a training program on SPSS (11th to 19th March 2012) jointly organized by School of Management and Business Administration, SUST and Center for Research & Training, Dhaka.
  7. A five days training course on “Community participation and management of Water Supply and Sanitation” by International training Network center (ITN), Bangladesh.
  8. A Training course on “Advance Auto CAD (3D)” done from Win-Win Infosys Ltd. An Autodesk Authorized Training Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.