Md. Asaduzzaman Khan (MAK)

Md. Asaduzzaman Khan (MAK)

Assistant Professor
Head (Acting)
Computer Science & Engineering

Contact Information

Cell Phone: +8801711003233


Nationality: Bangladeshi, Born: November 22, 1980 in Barisal. Moved to Dhaka at the age of 2.

BCIC School (1995)-S.S.C.
Dhaka College (1997)-H.S.C.
AIUB (2002)- B.Sc. in Computer Engineering.
BTH, Sweden (2006)- M.Sc. in EEE.

Family: Married to Tamanna Islam, Two daughter: Nishat Tasnim & Tabina Tasnim.

Career: Joined Southern University as a lecturer in ECE department on March, 2009; In October 2010, joined as a lecturer in CSE department at Leading University. Working as an Assistant Professor & Head in the same university. Also worked as an Assistant Proctor, LU, from January 2014 to January 2017.

Area of Study

Computer Networking

Operating System

Cellular Mobile & Satellite Communication

Digital Electronics

Network security & Cryptography

Data Communications.


Design, Control & Performance Analysis of Electronic Noticeboard

Abstract— This paper introduces an Electronic Noticeboard that is based on user-friendly smart technology. The Electronic Noticeboard is controlled via smartphone android app. This Electronic Noticeboard is build and functioned in replace of human effort especially educational campus service to hang important notice digitally without any human existence. Individual account via web based android app […]


Wavelet Based Performance Analysis of Image Compression

Abstract: In this paper, our aim is to compare for the different wavelet-based image compression techniques. The effects of different waveletfunctions filter orders, number of decompositions, image contents and compression ratios were examined. The results of the above techniquesWDR, ASWDR, STW, SPIHT, EZW etc., were compared by using the parameters such as PSNR, MSE BPP values […]


Wireless Mesh Networks Security

Abstract: Wireless mesh network resolve the limitation of ad hoc networks which ultimately improves the performance of Ad hoc networks. Security is a very important issue which can be resolve through proper management of network. The improvement of 802.11i security has greatly improved the network performance. It also increases the encryption, integrity, security issues, threats and […]


Implementing WPAN(Wireless Personal Area Network) into our home

Abstract: The concept of Wireless Personal Area Network is in our life now a days, Bluetooth does this. With a Bluetooth product in our hands, we can do lot of things that we would dream couple of years ago. But now we can send, talk, dance, and more entertainment – all wirelessly. Bluetooth wireless technology has […]


Unique Security Features of CDMA

Abstract: Security system is a very essential term in wireless communication like multiple accesses. When we go through multiple access method we will find TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) are working with time & frequency respectively. For security purpose TDMA and FDMA have to apply additional security features to keep those […]