Prof. Dr. AS. Faruq

Prof. Dr. AS. Faruq

Computer Science & Engineering

Contact Information

Cell Phone: 01757584584

Area of Study

1. DCA, Intec College, Singapore.
2. DIT, Alpha Beta College, Sydney, Australia.
3. BIT, Central Queensland University, Queensland, Australia.
4. MIT, University of Ballarat, Melbourne, Australia.
5. MBA, University of Ballarat, Melbourne, Australia.
6. Ph.D., University of Ballarat, Melbourne, Australia.

Professional Trainings & Certifications:
1. MCSA-Microsoft Certificate Solutions Associate.
2. MCSE-Microsoft Certificate Solutions Expert.
3. OCA-Oracle Certified Associate.
4. OCP-Oracle Certified Professional.
5. CCNA-Cisco Certified Network Associate.
6. CCNP-Cisco Certified Network Professional.
7. CCNPS-Cisco Certified Network Professional-Security.
8. CCCA-Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate.
9. CCE-Cisco Cyber Security Essentials.
10. RHCSA-Red Hat Certified System Associate
11. RHCE-Red Hat Certified Engineer.
12. RHCA-Red Hat Certified Architect.
13. MTCNA–MikroTik Certified Network Associate.
14. MTCRE–MikroTik Certified Router Engineer.
15. MTCSE-MikroTik Certified Security Engineer.
16. ACSAA-AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate.
17. ACSAP-AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional
18. CEH–Certified Ethical Hacker.
19. CISA-Certified Information Systems Auditor.
20. CISSP-Certified Information Systems Security Professional
21. DMP-Digital Marketing Professional.

Conducted Courses:
1. C Programming.
2. Object Oriented Programming.
3 Advanced Java.
4. Web Programming.
5. Web Technologies.
6. Mobile Applications Development.
7. Python Programming.
8. Software Engineering.
9. System Analysis & Design.
10. Database Management System.
11. Data Communication.
12. Advanced Computer Networks.
13. Advanced Operating System.
14. Cryptography & Network Security.
15. Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.
16. Information Systems Security.
17. Cloud Computing.
18. Advanced Algorithms.
19. Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic.
20. Machine Learning.
21. Big Data & Data Mining.
22. Data Analytics.
23. Business Analytics.
24. Management Information System.
25. E-Commerce Design & Development.
26. Advanced Digital Marketing.
27. Graphic Design & Multimedia.

Published Books:
1. Core Python Programming, For the Beginners, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
2. Advanced Java Programming, Building Java Application, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
3. Semantic Web Programming, Building IA & E-Commerce, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
4. Advanced Computer Networks, CCNA Labs, BDT Publisher-3rd Edition.
5. Production Operating System, Hands-on Exam Preparation, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
6. Applied Cloud Computing, Methodology & Application, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
7. The Complete E-Commerce, Technologies & Applications, BDT Publisher-2nd Edition.
8. Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking, Practical Labs, BDT Publisher-1st Edition.
9. C Easy Programming, BDT Publisher-5th Edition.
10. Object Oriented Programming C++, Beginner to Advanced, BDT Publisher-4th Edition.
11. The Complete Computer Fundamentals, BDT Publisher-5th Edition.

News Paper Articles:
1. “Necessity of Technology in Today’s Educations”, DainikIttefaq on 27/04/2015.
2. “Computer Diploma Courses of TokyoHitech”, ProthomAlo on 09/09/2011.
3. “ICT Revelation is to Change our Economy”, DainikPurbokon on 07/10/2010.
4. “Enthusiastic IT Trainees and Capitalization”, DainikMoktBagla on 08/03/2014.
5. “Digital Fair and Internet Week in Jessore”, Daily Gramerkagoj on 10/07/2015.
6. “IT alignment to deal with evolving business challenges”, Daily Star on 27/11/2009.
7. “Web Technologies for Sustainable Supply-Chain Management, Daily Observer on 05/03/2008.

Research Interest:
1. Bio-Sensing.
2. Computational Electronics.
2. Web Engineering.
3. Web Technologies.
4. Sensor Networking.
5. Network Security.
6. Cyber Security.
7. Blockchain Technology.

Research Papers:

  • Design and Numerical Analysis of Zeonex Based Photonic Crystal Fiber for the Applications in Different Types of Communication Networks, Springer, December 2020, Multiple Authors.
  • “Zeonex based decagonal photonic crystal fiber (D-PCF) in the terahertz (THz) band for chemical sensing applications”, Elsevier, Volume 31, December 2019, 100393, Multiple Authors.
  • “Impact of Social Media in Social Life in China”, IJNTR, Volume-6, Issue-1, January 2018 Pages 61-66, Multiple Authors.
  • “Indigenous Australian Access to Information & Communication Technology to trounce Isolated Lifestyle over Cross Culture and Anti Colonization Sentiment”, JIT, University of Ballarat, Vol. 29, No. 13, PP 1-6, December-2001, Double Authors.
  • “Strategic Implementation of Information Technology to regulate and ensure fundamental human right of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.”, JIT, University of Ballarat, Vol. 35, No. 7, PP 1-7, November-2002, Single Author.
  • “Contemporaneous Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Australian Banking Sector in Adopting Online Transaction and Mobile Banking.”, JIT, University of Ballarat, Vol. 41, No. 19, PP 1-8, December-2003, Single Author.
  • “The Power of E-Commerce in the Global Trade Industry: A Realistic Approach to Expedite Virtual Market Place and Online Shopping from anywhere in the World.”, JIT, University of Ballarat, Vol. 48, No. 15, PP 1-9, December-2004, Single Author.
  • “The Relevance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Systems in Providing Help in Management of Enterprises., JIT, University of Ballarat, Vol. 57, No. 10, PP 1-10, July-2005, Single Author.
  • “An Analysis of Exploring E-Learning Which Offers the Alternative Method for Deprived and Inaccessible People to Study Tertiary Education Through the Internet.”, JGP-IWT, Vol. 21, PP 1-5, October-2006, Single Author.
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  • “Web Engineering: A Strategic Approach for Blind and Visually Challenged People to Access on the World Wide Web” JGP-IWT, Vol. 50, No. 19, PP 1-5, January-2010, Single Author.
  • “Web-Based Information Technology for Transparent & Accountable Grassroots Student Politics in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Indecent & Corrupted Grassroot Student Politics without any Principle or Patriotism”. JGP-IWT, Vol. 54, No. 15, PP 1-5, December-2010, Single Author.
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  • “Cryptocurrency under the Blockchain Technology: Challenges & Opportunities to Implement a Cashless Society in Bangladesh to Minimize Corruption and Irregularities”. JGP-IWT, Vol. 102, No. 25, PP 1-5, June-2012, Single Author.