Md. Ashraful Islam, Sunny Md. Shahriar Istiak, Iftekhar Rahman, Syed Aftab Uddin Tonmoy and Shaikh Muhammad Rizwan Ali. Design & Performance Analysis of a Log Periodic Dipole Antenna with a Frequency Range of 1350MHz to 2690MHz; Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies (JoMET) (Accepted)

The introduction of broadband systems to communication and non-communication technologies has
demanded the design of broadband antennas. RF antennas have relatively small bandwidth and poor
directivity while the log periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) provides better directivity and gain with wide
bandwidth. For a communication link and data transmission at higher rates, wider bandwidth is required
with high gain and directivity. This necessitates designing a wideband antenna. In this paper, a
performance improvement and lightweight design of LPDA is proposed. This antenna is designed using
scaling factor of 0.93, spacing factor of 0.16 and apex angle of 6.3°. The proposed antenna having a high
gain of 8.76dBi and consisting of 12 elements is designed for a frequency range 1350 MHz-2690 MHz.
Radiation efficiency of the designed antenna is around 94.6% with peak directivity of 8.524dBi, return loss
of -17dB and radiation intensity of 0.406 W/sr. The design is made in such a way that it can cover
maximum area within its frequency range. Simulation results are obtained using HFSS software and
mathematical calculations have been done by MATLAB.