Ifthekhar Ahammad, Obaedur Rahim Rizbhi, Pradip Lal Biswas, Sanjana Siraj, Md. Juwel Chowdhury and Md. Ashraful Islam; Towards a Secure and Automated Platform for Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine; International Journal of Intelligent Machines and Robotics (Accepted)

Electronic voting machines (EVM) inherit the act of voting using electronic systems to cast and
count votes. This paper deals with the design and development of an electronic voting machine using
biometric fingerprint identification system in order to provide better performance, flexibility and economic
advantages with higher level of security to the casting and voting system. The proposed finger print based
EVM allows the voters to scan their fingerprint, which is then compared with the database. Upon
completion of voter identification, voters are allowed to cast their votes and casted votes are updated
immediately. The proposed electronic voting system is fast, efficient and fraud-free. It provides better
security with biometric fingerprint system, makes the voting machine user friendly and reduces the cost to
a minimum level.