Tanvir Shams Qureshi

Tanvir Shams Qureshi

Assistant Professor
(Study Leave, University of Cambridge, UK)
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: +88 0821 720303-6


Tanvir Qureshi obtained his first degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Shahjalal University of Science & Tec. (SUST) and was offered a full time project engineer position in the Noksa Construction and Consultancy in 2007. There he worked closely with creative architects and owners to develop innovative structural design solutions. He was also involved in sub soil investigation for structural foundation design, and Geo-environmental study that added value to projects. Over time Tanvir was in charge of business development, client liaison and general office administration, including production. In June 2008, he was promoted to Senior Project Engineer and awarded as the best engineer of the firm in 2008.

Following two successful years in industry, Tanvir joined at lecturer position in the Department of Civil Engineering, Leading University in January, 2009. He offered core civil engineering courses into the undergraduate level and at the same time he had academic administrative duties. Tanvir was involved in Renewable Materials for Civil Construction (RMCC) research project. In September, 2010, he took a study leave from Leady University, moved to UK and started a Masters in Civil Engineering at Cardiff University. Tanvir worked on "Reinforced Concrete Structure Design based on Concrete Mix Characteristic Length" in the Civil/Structural engineering field. He successfully passed his MSc Civil Engineering with distinction award for his excellent performance. Tanvir then rejoined in teaching again.

In the Department of Civil Engineering, Tanvir is continuously involved in research projects in high performance concrete and geo-environmental field collaborating with other colleagues. His research group contributed in the new vision of knowledge which is the incorporation of waste metal in the concrete as an alternative of traditional reinforcement. Due to his contribution in research and teaching, Tanvir was promoted to assistant professor position in 2012 and subsequently was in charge for head of the department for four months.

Currently Tavir is on leave for this PhD research in Civil/Structural Engineering field at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK.

Area of Study

  • Non-linear elastic fracture mechanics of high performance concrete and Civil Engineering materials
  • Renewable and recycling materials incorporation in Concrete
  • Innovative and sustainable building materials
  • Geo-environmental modeling for sustainable infrastructure